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At Paw-Treats we produce highly functional supplementary feeds to the highest standards. To improve your dogs quality of life at every age we use very gentle production procedures and only the best active ingredients with a scientifically proven and well-documented effect. In addition, due to our independent quality assurance, carried out by the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS), we can guarantee a very high and stable quality of all Paw-Treats products.

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Paw-Treats Agility+

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Agility+ Snacks

Use Agility+ to give your dog a happy and joyful life in an advanced age. Agility+ contains a specific formulation of various medicinal plants and other natural active ingredients. The Agility+ formulation was specially developed for the needs of older dogs and dogs which suffer from pain, inflammation and reduced mobility. Agility+ by Paw-Treats thus promotes the agility and the general well-being of older dogs and dogs with reduced mobility, in an efficient but completely natural way.

Specially developed formulations

We develop and produce functional products that can increase the overall well-being and quality of life of dogs suffering from specific diseases. For this purpose, we develop specific formulations consisting of various medicinal plants, natural extracts, minerals and trace elements from natural sources, all with scientifically proven and well-documented effects. An important component of our formulations is a CBD containing natural hemp extract, extracted in a special gentle process. Hemp is one of the oldest reported medicinal plant known to mankind, but also hemp is not a miracle cure. For this reason we supplement our hemp extract with other specific ingredients to target the focused effect of our formulations on a specific symptom. And to do so, we only use active ingredients that have a scientifically proven and well-documented effect!

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At Paw-Treats, we produce functional snacks and supplemental feeds with only the best ingredients to optimize your dog’s quality of life at every stage of life.

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